Black Apple


A well respected cast of classic British actors including Oscar & BAFTA winners.

A highly established production team consisting of numerous Oscar & BAFTA winners & nominees.

The most beautiful estates and country houses in Britain as shooting locations.

A near perfect screenplay generating a lot of industry buzz and momentum, spear headed by a passionate core team of professional creatives.

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We are aiming to construct a genuine masterpiece in the traditional sense, keeping the subject matter current as all true works of art do.


The story reaches into the shadowy taboo of death and turns a feared and demonised phenomenon into a thing of mysterious beauty.


Currently involved are the cinematography team behind some of the most beautifully shot films of all time (Eyes Wide Shut, Barry Lyndon).


This team of veterans manifesting this calibre of story, will result in a film to answer the forgettable flow of current cinema failures.



The Setting



The Jungle

The film is split into two parts, each part reflecting the other, each story connected by the life of PETER. A secular man who behind his retracted demeanour is becoming increasingly obsessed with death. This curiosity leads him to venture into the Congo Basin, to visit a secluded tribe; reportedly worshipers of death. The land aches, anticipating its mortality. Writhing in volatile human conflict and riddled with death and disease. Set in the early 1950s, the last threshold of archaic society is about to erupt.


The House

On the other end of the spectrum of human culture, in their last residence before their traditions are swept up by the modern machine, live the fanatics of a death dancing new ritual. At the height of civilisation, at the height of world, in the remote highlands of Scotland; Harold and his followers are acting out their death throws. The estate will be shot in the most beautiful rooms in the most beautiful houses in England, creating the most magnificent residence ever shown on film.